My diet, what I had to eat on my rides through the country parks

Posted: August 10, 2010 in Diet

When I left my place I had one bottle of mineral water with an added pinch of salt, I stopped about three times to drink the water, once while in Beam Valley Country Park and Twice while in The Chase.

While in Beam Valley Country Park, I had a banana, and about five fig rolls, fig rolls are high in energy and low in fat, good for people that like to do regular exercise.

While in The Chase, I had a chocolate Hobnob flapjack and another banana, flapjacks also provide you with energy.

Obviously the banana provides you with quick release energy, I am just not too sure what type of energy fig rolls and flapjacks provide, but I think they provide slow release energy, as I get to know and learn more I will be sure to make blog posts about what I learn.

  1. Daniel Davies says:

    Pleased to see that you are consciously thinking about what you’re eating when riding and not doing what I end up doing when I’m lagging and visit the McDonalds for a quarter pounder with cheese meal.

    I want to know why you add salt to the water as I’ve not heard of this before. I would have tought that if you eat a ‘normal’ diet you will probably be eating more than enough salt already.

  2. kevcampbell says:

    I am defiantly being more cautious at the moment as I just started riding after many years of not riding, so hopefully I keep at it

    well I add the pinch of salt after reading something that the salt would replace some lost potassium as that is lost when exercising apparently, so i just add a pinch of salt, but I can’t taste the salt so that is good

    thank you for the comment by the way, always love reading comments

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