A trip to Hainault Forest

Posted: August 10, 2010 in News

Earlier today, late this morning I thought it would be a good idea to go to Hainault Forest, although the weather was terrible and it was more like night time than day time as the weather was so bad that did not put me off going as to terrible weather was actually part of the plan, before I got my bike I was saying for a while once I get the bike i want to go over a forest and get covered in mud, well today that did happen, I just did not get as covered in mud as I thought I would, not that I wanted to go back and get covered in more mud, but with how I was going around the forest I thought I would be covered in more mud than I was.

Before leaving my place, I got ready, put on knee length cargo trousers and a t shirt, I knew I would be freezing for about 15 minutes and I was, but after that I obviously warmed up from the riding, I also filled my back pack with some fuel for the road including water, with a pinch of salt like always, two banana, an entire pack of fig rolls, yummy, and a Hobnob flapjack, along with a mobile phone and a digital camera, so all the stuff I usually take with me most of the time

So I had everything ready, now all I had to do was leave my place in Dagenham and set off for about an 8 mile ride to Hainault Forest, I am not that good at remembering times or how long it takes me to get to places, but I did ride at a casual riding speed I would say, as I knew I would need loads of energy for a forest, once I entered the country park there was this beautiful house to my left that I am sure anyone would want to stay in for the night, not, it was demolished, after I had taken a photo I started to ride further in the country park, I arrived at some bins where someone was working and asked what would be the best route to take to go in the forest, I got 2 options and decided to go for the route that took me in the forest the fastest as I could not wait, so I took that route and after a short while I was at one of the starting points of the forest.

Once I entered the forest I was confused and thought what way should I go, I decided to go ahead, the ground through most of the forest was as you would expect I guess after it rained last night and the weather today would not have been any help, riding in the forest on that type of ground was tiring, especially when I had to go up hill, but when in a forest what goes up must come down, and so I did at many points, now that was so much fun, as I was blasting down hill I had mud spraying up in my face, not that nice but I was not bothered, but sometimes I did get a headache, from my brakes, squeaky things were so noisy but I guess that is because of the wet weather, my brakes are v brakes incase you are wondering what brakes I have.

but apart from all the headaches, going up hill was tiring and going down hill was fun, so as it would be for most people I guess, at some points in the forest I did come accross paths where there were fallen tree’s so I had to climb over them and lift the bike over once I was over the massive log and at some points I did have to get off and push the bike, but most of the time that was for steep hills that I could not ride up, I could have but my legs may have not been able to take me home once I left the forest.

I did not have to stop many times for fuel, I think I stopped about 3 times while riding in the forest and I also sat down once when I came to a certain part of the forest where I was near a road and a car park, I think I was in epping, so I must have gone further than I ever thought I would, but once there I sat down on a bench and had a banana, half a bottle of water, and almost an entire pack of fig rolls, and about 20 grams of peanuts, some lovely peanuts that I buy from Lidl, 45p for a 250g bag, after eating all of that I had been sitting down for about 10 minutes so I sat down for another minute or 2 and decided it was time to go as I had some stuff to do once back at home.

so I left the bench and took the path that I thought would take me back to the entrance I come in for the forest, most of the journey back was flat and down hill, so that was a bonus and half of the surface type was grass, so I am not sure where I was, but I knew I was still in the forest, as I took a lovely ride down many hills I had a lovely breeze on my face, just what I needed, and at one point I come to some strange stuff, it was like mud but it was the colour of dark sand? once that got in my tyres it did not come out, well half of it did but the rest I had to hose off at home, after a while, not as long as I thought, about 20 minutes possibly I reached the part of the forest where there was road and people, so I am not sure how far out I was when I was sitting on the bench if it only took me 20 minutes to reach the part of the forest where there was road and people, but once on the road I was riding towards the gate that took me out of the forest, this time that house was on my right.

Finally I was out of the country park, now it was time to take a slow ride home as I was tired and worn out and covered in mud, as I was riding home I think more people were looking at me than they usually do, if they do at all usually, I guess they must have thought is that a monster from a swamp with all that mud I had over me and on the bike, well after another 8 mile ride back home I finally got home, tired, worn out and covered in mud, I think my partner was shocked, well she laughed at all the mud that was on my neck, once home the bike went in the back garden, that was not staying indoors with all that mud on it.

After a while of the bike being outside I thought it would be a good time to clean it now, so I gave it a hose down on sprinkler setting on the hose gun to get most the mud off the bike, and had to use the power setting to get all that strange sand coloured mud off the tyres, looks like that mud added some kind of blue colour to the tyres, not sure if it is permanent but hopefully not, but you can not notice it much though.

That has been my adventurous day out today, hope you enjoyed reading, how long did it take you to read everything?

I may upload the photo’s later but what I may do is upload them and put them in a separate blog post, that will be tomorrow if I upload them.


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