A ride to a local country park part two

Posted: August 9, 2010 in News

After leaving Beam Valley Country Park, I decided it was time to go to another country park before I went home so I did, I decided to go to The Chase, Once in there I was riding on the gravel paths and come off the gravel paths to ride on the grass and eventually I come to a nice lake where some people were fishing, I decided to sit  down on an edge and put my feet on a massive rock that was in the water and decided it was time for some more fuel, so I got out the one remaining banana I had and a chocolate Hobnob flapjack and my salt water, I sat down for about 10 minutes eating and drinking and watching the ducks in the lake.

Once I got up I decided to ride around the lake slowly and taking many pictures, some of those can be seen here, here, here, here, here and here.

After riding around the lake I was riding towards this building that is open to all the public and is a place to rest, read and look around, when I was in there I just decided to have a quick flick through a RSPB magazine, after putting the magazine down I left the building and decided to exit the park and go home as I was tired, but I am getting better every day, my energy levels are coming back better than expected.

I will go more in detail on the next blog post about what I had to eat as I do not expect all of you to read these two long blog posts to find out about what I was eating and so on


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