A ride to a local country park part one

Posted: August 9, 2010 in News

Yesterday I made a ride from where I live to not too far down the road to a local country park, there were beautiful things to see, the scenery was amazing at some places, it was a hot day most of the time while I was out. I explored many parts of the two different country parks that I explored and I am going to try tell you all about my journey yesterday

I left my place at about 10:30 I think and once I had left I was immediately riding towards Beam Valley Country Park, is there multiple parts of this park or do they all link to eachother? as I visited another Beam Valley Country Park the other day too but it was not this one, well once I entered this park there were many hills as you should be able to notice on the link that takes you to Google Maps, further down the path I come to what I think was a restricted part of park, there were these gates, I guess they were to obviously stop the puclic going down there, it would have been nice to see what was through them gates, but I could not so I continued down the path and suddenly the path changed from smooth tarmac to light gravel, the description of the surfaces may not be that good, but I guess you get a rough idea of what I am on about

Further down that path I enter the park and discover beautiful scenery and discover this broken piece of tree, I look around and see a part of park that goes down, I am not sure how to describe it at all, but I went down there and wanted to come back up as when I was down there the ground was extremely soft and it looked like the ground was moss and that was it, and there was a strong smell down there too, the smell reminded me of lavender, but I do not remember seeing any lavender down there.

Once I had returned to the nice part of the park by pushing my bike up the hill I was deciding where to go next as there were paths that went in all different directions but I decided to go in a direction that took me over some smooth tarmac and after about 5 minutes took me on some grass that was an uneven bumpy surface, and as I got nearer to where I was going the path got narrower and both sides of me were all kinds of plants such as stinging nettles and other plants that wanted to have a go at my legs, but my once I reached here my legs were all good, after about one minute I decided to sit on the edge of this, apart from the graffiti and waste, it was lovely just sitting on the edge and watching the water go by, after about 10 minutes of sitting there enjoying watching the water go past, two what I think were Irish travellers and a dog come over, not to talk or cause any trouble, but I thought I would leave where I was and let them stay around there while I went off

Once I left where the water was I decided to ride around that area, deciding where to go next, while standing around I thought I would take a photo, it was not that far from where the water was, that photo can be seen here, after I while I decided to go in a direction that I can not remember too well, but I come to something that I could sit on, I am not sure what it was, but it was raised, built with brick and had a manhole cover on the top of it, so I sat on top of that, I now thought it would be a good time to eat and drink, so I decided to eat a banana, half a pack of Tesco Fig Rolls and had a drink of about a quarter of a bottle of salt water, with only one pinch of salt this time.

After about 5 minutes I decided to continue my journey towards what took me over another bumpy, uneven and narrow grass path, that ended after 5 minutes and I had smooth tarmac for the rest of the way, eventually after about 5 minutes on the smooth tarmac I got to a  gate leading out to New Road, Dagenham, a dual carriageway, I decided to turn back as I did not want to leave the country park the boring way, on my way back, I come to this lovely water feature that had rocks, I thought about crossing, but after about two minutes of deciding I decided that I may cross that path the next time I go there, but not this time.

Now I was riding towards an exit, the paths I took were like many of the paths I had taken before in this park, after 10 minutes of riding I did find an exit, and that is when I left the park, I ended up about a five minute ride from Dagenham East Train Station, But I was not going there, I was going towards another country park, I will tell you about that in part two


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