I did CS3 yesterday

Posted: August 7, 2010 in News

Yesterday was the day I travelled from Barking to Tower Gateway and from Tower Gateway back to Barking, why did I do it? so I could see what it was like and so I could make a short review of it, I am not that good at reviews but I will try.

I am not sure how long it took me to get there and back from there, but once I got to Tower Gateway I had to ask about 4 different people where the Fenchurch Street Evans Cycles was as I forgot to write down the road name where it was before I come out, one person knew, so that was good but when I finally got to Evans Cycles the shop was tiny, it was cramped, I think they could have done with having about 20% less bikes on the shop floor, I was planning to get an inner tube from there but they only had £4.99 specialized and schwalbe inner tubes and not the £2.99 Continental inner tube that I wanted, but the good thing is they stock it online and the delivery is free, so I may order it online.

Staying connected on CS3 was not too bad, at some points I had to look around and think where does the blue lane continue from, but only had to do that about twice or three times and that was just on the way there, on the way there I stopped at Canning Town Recreation Ground and sat on a bench and decided to eat a banana, some sunflower seeds and half of a bottle of the salt water I had made earlier before going out and that was the only stop I made going to Tower Gateway, once I got to Tower Gateway, I was searching for Evans Cycles for about 25 minutes.

On my way back from Evans Cycles I got lost, I guess my map reading skills were not that good once I was in Fenchurch Street as I did have a local cycling guide, but I did ask about three different people where to go and what direction to take for Tower Gateway and CS3, eventually after about 20 minutes of searching I did find it, so something that would be good is signs that direct you to the nearest Cycle Superhighway once you are within one or two mile of one as on the way to Barking, where I started my CS3 journey I got lost, but I asked one person where to go and used the local cycling guide too.

At the end of the day I must say I had a good day, I had one cyclist overtake me bu that encouraged me to pedal more and seeing other people in front on bikes also encouraged me to pedal more to catch up to them, and some I did catch up to, but soon after that they turned off, hopefully I did not upset them, the only bad points of the day were getting lost, but signs would help, please install some signs Boris, also another thing, people standing and walking in CS3, I wonder if the same people that walk in CS3 would walk in the middle of a road with not many cars too, hopefully over time these people will learn the blue paint is for bikes.

I have made a poll about signs, signs that should direct cyclists to the nearest Cycle Superhighway, should they be installed? Will they be installed? Hopefully, and hopefully this poll gets loads of votes.


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