Posted: August 6, 2010 in News

Yesterday was kind of a day of recovery after the day I had on Wednesday, But I still went out, not for long, but in the morning I was adjusting my saddle to the most comfortable position, not the seat post, the saddle itself, and late afternoon I did go out for a ride from my place in Dagenham and I went through a park called Old Dagenham Park to get to Beam Valley Country Park and once I got there I think I must have went around half of that park, it was massive, and loads of it was destroyed by fire and construction work, but in a good way, I think, as it looks as though they are developments taking place there that you can read more about here, so I guess it is not all bad, as long as they replace it with more trees or lakes, only time will tell.

Whilst in the park I did sit on the grass for 5 minutes so I could rest, I need loads of it at the moment, so I sat down and had a banana to eat and a bottle of salt water, but yesterday I think I put too much salt in the water, the day before on the ride to Lakeside I added two pinch of salt to my bottle of water, that was good, but yesterday I added three pinch of salt, there was defiantly a difference, was not nice, but still, i did drink it as I was thirsty.

That was about it for me yesterday, apart from doing some short rides to local shops during the evening.


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