I now have a bike

Posted: August 6, 2010 in News

Finally, on Wednesday 4th august I got the bike I have wanted for a long time, that is the B’Twin Rockrider 5.2, after riding it every day i can safely say it is a bike I have fallen in love with, and that is important.

Now time for some journey information, the day I got the bike, I left Decathlon Lakeside with my partner and we went towards Chafford Hundred train station and once we arrived there we was waiting about 15 minutes for a C2C train to take us to Upminster train station, once we finally arrived at Upminster we got on a district line train, my partner was going to get off at Dagenham Heathway train station as she did not have a bike, she will get one soon though, and I was planning to get off at Elm Park train station so that i could enjoy a more enjoyable route with more scenery, and I did, I ended up riding through Eastbrook Country Park where there was loads of horse manure, not that it bothered me, but I was shocked at how much there was, the rest of the route was on road, so that was not much fun

Once I finally arrived home I thought about my gears, as most of the journey home they were slipping,  I was considering riding a journey from Dagenham to Lakeside back to Decathlon as there we no other options as it was about 6pm and most other shops would have been shut and may have even charged me for doing work, so at about 6:30pm I did decide to go to Lakeside, but for the journey there I got a train there, and had to ride home, I was happy with that, once I got to decathlon I found out it was just a gear cable and the cable had also come out of one of the holes that holds the cable to the frame, so I was not at Decathlon for long

Once I left decathlon after being there for about 10 minutes I had to ride home, I will not mention every detail but I think the route I took home was the longest route as it took me roughly about 1 hour 30 minutes to get home, I was so tired, I keep having to get off the bike and push the bike for about 3 minutes each time, but I only did that about4 or 5 times, I also sat down on a bench once for about 5 minutes, I guess I must have been so tired because I had not done this kind of cycling in years, about 5 years I think, so I guess what I was doing was a shock to my body, including my muscles, I do hate muscle burn, I got it in my knees, and also neck ache, from looking forward, and I got that because I am not used to having my head and neck in that kind of position I guess.

Once I finally arrived home I had dinner that had been waiting for me in the oven for about 1 hour I think, after that it was time to go on the computer, after about an hour of that, it was bed time for me


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