6th of the 8th

Posted: August 6, 2010 in News

6th of the 8th being the 6th of August, Today I have started my day off by writing loads of blog posts this morning and eating some cereal, along with some orange juice recently.

My plan today is to find the start of CS3, CS3 is a Barclays Cycle Superhighway, the good thing for me is that I have some local cycle guides that were free, I ordered them from here and each guide provides with a massive fold out map covering a certain area depending on what guide you ordered, there is fourteen different guides, I have about half of that, as I will not need maps for other locations, well not yet, and if I decide I want more guides I think I can just order more so that is good

Once I find the start of CS3 I will try to stay on the entire route, hopefully I do not get lost but I have my cycle guides if I do get lost, Once I reach the end of CS3 I should be at Tower Gateway, once there I will go to Fenchurch Street as there is an Evans Cycles there and I may buy some new stuff for my new bike, something I may buy is an inner tube, I am not sure what else I will buy, but the main thing is I am getting out for the day and getting more and more used to cycling again, hopefully soon my muscle burn and neck and shoulder ache should disappear.

But now rather than writing blog posts I should be getting ready and prepared to go out cycling while it is still nice, sunny and warm outside, but I will update again soon, possibly later today or tomorrow.


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