What to eat, foods with potassium

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Diet

I have no bike yet, but should have one soon, so as I wait to get a bike I have been focusing on a diet, this is a diet that is purely for energy and hopefully will also help build muscle fast too

The other day I started to read up on potassium and I have come to understand that potassium helps with many things including providing you with energy, I obviously need to read up on all of that some more, but I think I have a rough understanding of potassium and by mentioning potassium I hope I am able to send a message out to people looking for help on what to eat if they have no idea, like me before I started researching what to eat and so on

If you go here you will see a massive list of foods that contain potassium, but not everything is there, foods such as the banana and beans are there, but there is no mention of orange juice or sunflower seeds, so I guess many foods are missing from that list

But I hope I have encouraged someone or many people to do some research on potassium and starting eating more foods that contain potassium


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