This week should be the week I get a bike

Posted: August 3, 2010 in News

This week should be the week I finally get a new bike after about a 5 year rest from cycling, I have missed cycling so much in that time, between 5 years ago and today I have had 2 other bikes but one was just a mountain bike that was falling apart, one that needed to be retired before I spent £20 on it, and the other bike i had was a trials bike, the bike with a strange frame and what is usually used for stunts, I tried to get myself interested in that but that did not go as I thought so I ended up selling that after a week

The last bike I had was a Cannondale Chase, that was lovely that bike was, but unfortunately I sold that to fund a car I no longer have, do not make the same mistake I did

But this is about today and the future, this week I should be getting a B’Twin Rockrider 5.2 from Decathlon, a bike that has received fantastic reviews, many other bikes receive fantastic reviews too, but this bike looks like it has received more than just a fantastic review, at £200 I do not think anyone can go wrong with that bike, so I am happy that I looked around on the internet and did research on bikes before I just rushed out to buy a bike

Once I get out the doors of Decathlon with my new bike I will ride to a local train station and rather than getting off at my local train station I will get off in between both the stations, the station I will be getting off at will be Elm Park, a station that is on the District Line

Once I get off at Elm Park I will ride through a local country park there, the name of that country park is Eastbrookend Country Park

Riding through the local country park should be an adventure and should defiantly be fun, and will also give me a chance to get used to the bike more

Now it is just a case of when, it should be this week, but what day? I am not too sure yet, hopefully Wednesday


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